Tim has been appointed Interim Co-Lead Counsel in the consolidated class litigation relating to COVID-19 business interruption losses captioned:  Troy Stacy Enterprises Inc. v. The Cincinnati Ins. Co. (S.D. Ohio).  0057 – ORDER CONSOLIDATING CASES AND APPOINTING INTERIM CO-LEAD COUNSEL- Swearingen Smiles LLC et al. v.Th – Troy Stacy Enterprises Inc. v. The Cincinnati Insurance Company – ohsd – 1-2020-cv-00312


“The four firms here also have experience litigating class actions and knowledge of the applicable law. Adam Levitt and DLG were recently appointed interim co-lead counsel in a similar action. See The K’s Inc. v. Westchester Surplus Lines Ins. Co., No. 1:20-cv-01724-WMR, Dkt. Nos. 56-57 (N.D. Ga. Oct. 5, 2020). Susman Godfrey has served as interim class counsel in large insurance litigation before. E.g., 37 Besen Parkway, LLC v. John Hancock Life Ins. Co. (U.S.A.), No. 15-cv-9924, Doc No. 26 (S.D.N.Y. May 2, 2016). The legal teams at the Lanier Law Firm and Burns Bowen Bair LLP also have extensive experience in complex litigation, including insurance litigation.”

Tim has been appointed Co-Lead Counsel in In Re:  Society Ins. Co. COVID-19 Business Interruption Protection LitigaCo-Lead Ordertion (N.D. Ill.).  Co-Lead Order

“They bring the right mix of expertise in the pertinent area of law, leadership experience in other MDLs or class actions, and representativeness of different perspectives (both substantively in Illinois and non-Illinois cases and strategically in factual development and in considering the pluses and minuses of mass actions versus class actions).”